Transporter Membership T&C’s
CONDITIONS OF MEMBERSHIP FOR VEHICLE OWNERS In   consideration   of   the   requisite   fee   having   been   paid,   the   person   named   in   the   application   (hereinafter   known   as   the   Member) shall   receive   Associate   Membership   of   Transporter   Rescue   for   the   period   of   one   year   from   the   date   of   acceptance   and   shall have the right to participate in all benefits which Transporter Rescue shall offer from time to time. No   agent,   contractor   or   servant   of Transporter   Rescue   or   PRP   Rescue   Services   Limited   has   any   authority   to   alter   or   vary   these terms   and   conditions   in   any   way.   They   may   be   varied   only   by   express   written   agreement,   signed   by   a   Director   of   PRP   Rescue Services Limited. Transporter   Rescue   shall   have   the   right   to   refuse   or   cancel   membership   if   it   is   deemed   necessary   in   order   to   protect   the interests of Transporter Rescue and its Members. Membership   will   commence   at   12:00   (midnight)   on   the   day   that   payment   is   received   from   the   Member   and/or   processed   by Transporter Rescue. BREAKDOWN RESCUE SERVICE Every   Member,   or   their   agent,   shall   automatically   be   entitled   to   the   services   of   the   Transporter   Rescue   scheme.   The   principal benefits, terms and conditions are set out below: If   the   Member's   Vehicle   should   be   immobilised   by   a   breakdown,   Transporter   Rescue   will   arrange   for   roadside   assistance and/or   towing   to   either   the   Member's   home   address   or   nearest   suitable   repairer.   Transporter   Rescue   will   pay   for   the   cost   of providing emergency repairs which are essential to enable the Vehicle to continue its journey, subject to the following terms: THE BREAKDOWN RESCUE SERVICE DOES NOT COVER: 1) Any Vehicle subject to a hire or lease agreement. 2) Any Vehicle not specifically nominated as part of the Members Race Team. 3) A   Vehicle   which   has   not   been   serviced   in   accordance   with   the   manufacturer's   recommendations   or   is   not   in   good   mechanical or roadworthy condition. Maintenance records may be requested. 4) Any recovery resulting from accident, fire or theft that would normally be covered by vehicle insurance. 5)   Any   claim   arising   from   circumstances   known   to   the   Member   at   the   time   of   applying   for   cover   or   at   any   time   prior   to   the commencement   of   a   journey,   or   any   claim   arising   as   a   result   of   a   fact   or   facts   material   to   this   agreement   where   such   fact   or facts have not been fully disclosed to Transporter Rescue. 6) Any willful act or omission of the Member. 7)   Breakdown   occurring,   requiring   service,   within   a   one   mile   radius   of   the   Member's   home   address   or   normal   garaging   location of the Member's Vehicle. 8)   The   provision   of   the   service   to   any   Vehicle   involved   in   an   accident   or   which   has   suffered   external   damage   i.e   mirrors, ditched, bogged or been temporarily disabled by  flood, snow, sand or mud. 9)   Damage,   defects,   wear   and   tear   or   gradual   deterioration   of   any   part   of   the   Vehicle   caused   by   or   from   ordinary   usage   which does not necessitate immediate stoppage. 10)    Failure    of    or    damage    to    any    part    not    associated    with    the    original    Vehicle    chassis    construction,    i.e.    living    area, workshop/transportation area, roof, ramps etc). 11)   Vehicles   subject   to   a   prohibition   order   imposed   by   the   Police   or   Vehicle   Inspectorate.   (This   includes   plating   failures   at plating test stations) 12) Vehicles used for demonstration or delivery by the Motor Trade, or used under Trade Plates. 13) The cost of fuel, oil or other materials or spare parts. 14) The cost of recovery to more than one nominated address in respect of any one breakdown. 15) Breakdown of any Vehicle which is being used in contravention of the law or which is being used for an illegal purpose 16) Breakdown resulting from freezing of diesel fuel unless a recognised and recommended fuel additive has been used. TERRITORIAL LIMITS This agreement applies only to breakdowns occurring within the territorial limits of the United Kingdom. GENERAL CONDITIONS 1)   The   Member   shall   take   all   ordinary   and   reasonable   precautions   to   prevent   loss,   damage   or   breakdown   to   the   Vehicle,         i.e. out of fuel, wrong fuel input or recurring fault. 2) The   Member   will   be   required   to   reimburse   to Transporter   Rescue   within   seven   days   of   any   request,   any   expense   incurred   by Transporter Rescue in providing any service under this agreement for which Transporter Rescue is not responsible. 3)   A   15%   Service   Charge   may   be   added   to   any   expense   incurred   by   Transporter   Rescue   in   providing   any   service   under   this agreement for which Transporter Rescue is not responsible. 4)   Should   any   account   in   breach   of   our   payment   terms   and   conditions   be   passed   to   our   third   party   collection   agency   the minimum charge for that agency service is £12.75. 5) This membership is personal to the Member's registered Vehicles and shall not be assigned. 6)   Transporter   Rescue   have   the   right   to   refuse   rescue   service   to   any   Member   not   in   possession   of   a   current   Membership   Card and   able   to   quote   their   current   membership   number.   The   Member   or   his/her   representative   must   be   present   when   assistance arrives. 7)   Transporter   Rescue   telephone   operators   are   not   expected   to   know   the   terms   and   conditions   of   every   caller's   membership, this is the responsibility of the individual Member. 8) Transporter   Rescue   and   its   Members   shall,   at   all   times   in   respect   of   the   Rescue   Service,   be   bound   by   the   current   terms   and conditions as laid down by Transporter Rescue, copies of such terms will be available on request. 9)   Transporter   Rescue,   its   agents,   servants   or   independent   contractors   may,   at   their   discretion,   refuse   service   where   a Member's use of or request for that service is deemed to be excessive, unreasonable or impractical. 10)   Whilst   Transporter   Rescue   will   take   all   reasonable   care,   it   is   a   term   of   membership   that   Transporter   Rescue   and   its contractors   accept   no   liability   whatsoever   in   respect   of   loss,   or   delay   to   the   Member's   Vehicle   and   contents   which   will   be,   and remain,   at   the   Member's   sole   risk,   and   the   Member   shall   indemnity Transporter   Rescue   and   its   contractors   from   and   against   all claims, costs and demands whatsoever and by whomsoever made and howsoever arising from negligence or otherwise. 11)   Any   dispute   relating   to   services   received   via   membership   to   be   notified   to   the   membership   office   within   seven   days   of occurrence. 12) All callouts must be cancelled by the Member, if assistance by PRP Rescue is no longer required. 13) The membership fee is non-refundable. CLAIMS PROCEDURE   In   the   event   of   emergency   breakdown,   only   the   emergency   centre   of   Transporter   Rescue   are   be   contacted   to   arrange   for assistance; except  a tyre problem occurs, then only PRP Tyres Services are to contacted. DISPUTES Any   dispute,   difference   or   question   which   shall   at   any   time   hereafter   arise   between   a   Member   and   Transporter   Rescue   or   its respective   representative,   touching   any   claim   or   counter-claim   put   forward   on   the   part   of   the   Member   against   Transporter Rescue   in   connection   with   or   arising   out   of   membership   or   any   extension   thereof,   shall   be   referred   to   the   arbitration   of   a   single Arbitrator to be agreed by the parties. The   cost   of   such   arbitration   shall   be   in   the   discretion   of   the   Arbitrator   and   the   award   of   such   Arbitrator   shall   be   a   condition precedent   to   any   legal   proceedings   in   a   court   of   law   in   respect   of   any   matters   hereby   agreed   to   be   the   subject   of   arbitration. The   arbitration   shall   unless   otherwise   agreed   be   held   in   a   mutually   agreed   location   or   in   a   location   proposed   by   the Arbitrator in the event of failure to agree. Service   of   a   notice   served   by   post   shall   be   deemed   to   have   been   made   two   days   after   posting.   In   proving   service   by   post   it shall   be   sufficient   proof   that   the   envelope   containing   the   notice   was   properly   addressed   and   posted   as   a   pre-paid   letter   by   First Class postal service to the Member's last known address. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. To Return to Membership Application Form Click Here TO JOIN TRANSPORTER RESCUE CLICK HERE:
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